Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pattanam-P.J.Cherian Dupes Current Science Journal and International Archaeological Community

 Accession Date and Time 02-11-2011;10.45

 Pictures From Article By P.J.Cherian in Current Science  Vol.97; No 2 2009-July Titled
Chronology of Pattanam-A Multi Cultural Port Site on the Malabar Coast

 Shocking Reality-
                                     Empty  Trenches  at Pattanam  (2011)                                             

Where is the  Residential Complex  Claimed by Cherian?
                                           Where is the Warehouse Claimed by Cherian ?

                                         Where is the Wharf  and Pier Excavated by Cherian?

  The Demolished Remains of the so called  Wharf Structure Deposited Near the Trenches

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