Thursday, 29 September 2011

Christian Dalit Activist N.K. Jose's Function Presided by P.J.Cherian- N.K.Jose himself Admits

Dalits became Muslims to escape Hindu cruelty

My 103rd book, Aranu Videsikal? (Who are the foreigners?) in Malayalam was released on Feb.2 at the 31st anniversary of the Kerala History Congress (KHC) of which I am the president. Feb.2 was also my 78th birthday. The book was released by Dr. Michael Tharakan at the meeting of KHC. Prof. Abraham Arackal, ex-principal of Maharajas College, Ernakulam, presided. Dr. P.J. Cherian, Director of Kerala Council of Historical Research, inaugurated.
The book deals with Muslims and Christians who are not foreigners but the original inhabitants of India but converted to Islam and Christianity. The Hindus are the real foreigners who came some 3,500 years ago. Hindu means those within the chathurvarna. Some are asking the original inhabitants to quit India saying that India is theirs. During Aurangzeb period (1707), the Muslim population in India was 1% (Travels in Mughal Empire, F. Bernier). During the Round Table Conference at London (1930), Jinnah said Muslim population was 25% of the total population. That means in 223 years the population of Muslims shot up from 1 to 25%. There was no conversion work as such by Muslims. Nadir Shah came in 1739 and conquered Delhi but he returned as he came. The same happened when Ahmad Shah Abdali came in 1751. Before Aurangzeb, Babar came with a small army and they settled here. Afghan and Turkish conquerors also did like that. Even after that the Muslim population was just 1%. From the time of Mohammad Bin Khassim, there was the presence of Muslims who became the ruling class here. Brahmins and Rajputs accepted their rulership from the time of Alaud-din Khalji onwards. During the Sepoy Mutiny those sepoys declared that if they won the mutiny, Bahadur Shah 2nd, the last of the Mughal dynasty, would be the ruler. He was at that time an aged man living a retired life. He was not in any way related to the mutiny.
That means the people were thinking even at that time Muslims as the rulers. After the decline of the Mughal empire, Brahmins and Hindus became petty rulers. They started cruelties against the Dalits. For the sake security the Dalits then converted to Islam. And thus the Muslim population increased. If the British rule did not come by the end of the 18th century, the majority of the Dalits would have become Muslim. Thus the majority of the present Muslims of India are Dalits —and brothers of the present Dalits. That means they are the original inhabitants of India.

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