Friday, 30 September 2011

From Pattanam to Afghanistan- P.J.Cherian and Roberta Tomber Search the St' Thomas Route To India via Afghanistan at British Museum Conference in March 2011


Conference: Ancient Afghanistan
Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 March 2011
BP Lecture Theatre, British Museum
£40, Members and concessions £30, refreshments provided
This conference accompanies the British Museum exhibition Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World. It includes the results of important new research and archaeological excavations in Afghanistan and how other discoveries in neighbouring countries affect some of our interpretations of earlier finds made in that country. It features new interpretations of the sites and objects from three of the sites represented in the exhibition – Ai Khanum, Begram and Tillya Tepe. It also provides a report on the history and current state of the National Museum of Afghanistan by one of its curators. The conference is open to all.
Book tickets through the British Museum Ticket Desk
+44 (0)20 7323 8181
Saturday 12 March: Greeks, Parthians, Sakas and Kushans in Afghanistan and Central Asia
09.00–10.00 Registration
10.00 Welcome
10.15 The route of Alexander and Greco-Bactrian royal chronology
Dr Claude Rapin (UMR8546, ENS-CNRS, Paris, ‘Hellénisme et civilisations orientales’, 45, rue d’Ulm, F-75005 Paris)
11.00 Greek art for the celebration of Arsacid kingship in Parthian Nisa
Prof Antonio Invernizzi (Turin)
11.30 Coffee
12.00 The Old Nisa ivory rhyta between East and West: a matter of style
Dr Eleonora Pappalardo (Turin)
12.30 Recent excavations in Mithradatkert: new light on Parthian Nisa
Dr Carlo Lippolis (Turin)
13.00 Break
14.30 The art of Tillya Tepa: between Graeco-Bactrian roots and steppe developments
Dr Henri-Paul Francfort (CNRS UMR7041 ArScAn, Nanterre)
15.00 Observations on the reconstructions and selected finds from the tombs at Tillya Tepe
Dr St John Simpson et al (British Museum)
15.30 A closer look at gold jewellery from Tillya Tepe
Dr Jane Hickman (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)
16.00 Tea
16.30 The Kushan Coin Project
Dr Robert Bracey (British Museum)
17.00 New archaeological discoveries in Afghanistan
Dr Nicolas Engel (DAFA)
17.30 Close
Sunday 13 March: Begram and beyond
10.00 Welcome
10.15 White Gold: The Begram Carvings and trade in ivory products along the so-called ‘Silk Roads’
Dr Sanjyot Mehendale (University of California, Berkeley)
10.45 The preliminary results of a new scientific examination of ivories from Begram
St John Simpson, Emma Passmore, Janet Ambers, Catherine Higgitt, Giovanni Verri and Caroline Cartwright (British Museum)
11.15 Coffee
11.45 The glass from Begram
Dr David Whitehouse (Corning Museum of Glass)
12.15 An ancient glassworking process investigated: making the Begram Fish
Bill Gudenrath (Corning Museum of Glass)
12.45 Break
14.00 Afghanistan, the Periplus and Palmyra
Dr Eivind Heldaas Seland (University of Bergen)
14.30 Ports of the Periplus and the search for Murizis
Dr Roberta Tomber (British Museum) and P. J. Cherian (Kerala Council for Historical Research)
15.00 Tea
15.30 A report on the state of National Museum of Afghanistan today
Mr Abdullah Hakimzadeh (National Museum of Afghanistan)
16.00 The new discoveries at Mes Aynak
Dr Nicolas Engel (DAFA)
16.30 Close

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