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P.J.Cherian's Paper on Contemporary Political Movements in International Seminar on Kerala History -- March 2006 Thiruvananthapuram

What  is P.J.Cherian's Area of Specialization? Archaeology, Political Science or Biblical History                                                                                                                         

Theme Papers
Session One
Political History
Kesavan Veluthat
Session Two
Economic History
Michael Tharakan P K
Session Three
Social History
Rajan Gurukkal P.M
Session Four
Ganesh K.N
Paper Presenters and Paper Titles
NO Name Title
1. Ajit Kumar Recent Archaeological Finds
at Vilinjam: an Appraisal
2. Balan C. Rituals, Traditions and Social
Harmony : Re-reading Premodern
3. Cherian P.J. Communist Movement in Kerala:
Modes of Mobilisation and
Reflections in Cultural and Lived
4. Ekbal B. Advent of Modern Medical Practice
in Kerala.
5. Filippo Osella
& Caroline Osella
“I am Gulf”: the Production of
Cosmopolitanism in Kozhikode,
6. George Varghese K. Fabulous Escapes: Visvakarma
Community and Historical
Imaginary in the Context of
7. Gopalankutty K. Political History of Modern Kerala:
Historiography Trends
8. Haridas V.V. Royalty, Locality Chiefs and
Local Magnates in the
Political Structure of the
Kingdom of Kozhikode
9. Jaiprakash Raghaviah Evolution of Modern Industrial
Entrepreneurship in Malabar : 1918-
10. Jayashree Nair K. Towards New Interpretative
Possibilities : A Case of the
Megaliths in Kasaragod
11. John Thomas Historicizing 'Missionaries':
Changing Protestant Missionary
Attitude Towards Engagement with
Pulaya and Paraya Slaves … .
12. Justice K. Sukumaran Legal Developments as Source of
Kerala’s Social History
13. Kabir M. The North and the South: Regional
Inequalities in Kerala during the
First Half of the Twentieth Century,
Evidence from Census Data
14. Khan M. M. Negotiating Caste, Religion,
and Nation: Travancore
Ezhava Community in Flux,
15. Kunhikrishnan K.V. Observations on Environmental
History - The Case of Kerala
16. Mathew K. S. Maritime Trade of Malabar and the
Role of Indigenous and Foreign
Merchant Financiers during the
Sixteenth and Seventeenth
17. Mohamed Koya S. M. Aftermath of Malabar
18. Mujeebu Rahman M. P. Merchants, Colonialism and
Indigenous Capital: Chovakkaran
Musa and the English East India
19. Nampoothiri D.D. Tracking New Social Inequalities
through Kerala History: A Synoptic
20. Pavithran P. Dravidian Identity and Modernist
Discourse of Kerala
21. Pius Malekkandathil
“State, Polity and Satellite
Power Centres: An Analysis of
the Political
Dynamics of Kerala, 1500-
22. Pragati Chattopdhayay Stone Crosses : A Legacy of Church
Art in Kerala
23. Raghava Varier M.R. New Sources of Kerala History
24. Rajesh Kumar Komath Teyyam: From Cult to Ritual, Space
for Appropriation of Subaltern
Performance to Social Oppression -
North Malabar, Kerala
25. Raju S. A Short Note on Bifurcating Kerala
26. Ram Mohan K.T. The Miracle of the Rice-fields:
Reclamation Economy of Kuttanad,
South West India
27. Ramachandran Nair
Colonial Moorings in the
Culture of the Keralites
28. Ravi Raman K. State within State: The Kannan
Devan (Tea) Empire,
Governnmentality and Colonial
/Post Colonial Predicaments… .
29. Reghu J. Between This -world and the
Other- world: The Paradoxical
Location of Narayana Guru.
30. Robin Jeffrey Biography of an Unknown
Keraleeyan : Puthupally
Raghavan’s 20th Century
31. Sahadevan.M Vision for a New Socio-cultural
Order in the Poems of Asan
and Ulloor
32. Sanal Mohan P. Missionary Discourses and Slave
Narratives in Colonial Kerala: An
Ethnographic Encounter
33. Sankarankutty Nair.
Some Neglected Aspects of
Modern Kerala’s Writings in
Social History
34. Shajan K.P. &
Selvakumar V.
Pattanam : The First Iron Age-
Early Historic Settlement on
the Malabar Coast
35. Sheeba K.M Prostitution in Keralam: An Enquiry
36. Sivadasan P. Nationalism and Hindu
Revivalism: A Study of the
Work of Col. H.S.Olcott in
Kerala- 1880-1893
37. Sivasankaran Nair K.&
Jayagopan Nair V.
Commencement and Consolidation
of Perumal Regime in Kerala
38. Sunil P Elayidom Melodies of Modernity : Emergence
of Modern Popular Music and/ as
Public Sphere in Kerala
39. Susan Thomas Defining the Self: Nairs and the
Reform Discourse
40. Tharian George. K Tourism as a Survival Strategy for
Kerala’s Plantation Sector: A
Tantalizing Agenda in the Era of
41. Thulaseedharan
Assari. S
Looking at the Other Side of
the Flemish Carpet: Role of Sir.
C.P.Ramaswamy Aiyer in
Travancore (1931- 1947)
42. Venkiteswaran C.S Local Images, Global
Concerns : Malayalam
Cinema through the Decades
43. Vijayalekshmy M. Astronomy and Mathematics in
Medieval Kerala: The Social
44. Vinod Chandran K. ‘Secret’ History: ’secret’ (of)
Community - A ‘historic’
Reflection on the ‘politics’ of
45. Whittaker C.R. Trade between Rome and Kerala :
Conjunctures and Conjectures

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