Monday, 26 September 2011

Roberta Tomber Anxious that Christian Religious Groups Constitute Only 3 Percent In India

Dr. Roberta Tomber works at the British Museum, London and is intimately associated with Pattanam. She is considered a ceramic expert   and conservation scientist and is in charge of pottery from Pattanam. In October 2006 the Society for Arabian Studies under the British Museum, organized a seminar at Clore Education Centre London. The topic of the seminar was Natural Resources and Cultural Connections of the Red  Sea.. Dr. Roberta Tomber chose a session  on Pilgrimages, Religious Communities and the Red Sea. The paper presented by her was - Bishops and Traders: The Role of Christianity in the Indian Ocean during the Roman Period. Tomber highlights that Christians account for only 3% of overall population in India, but  consoles  that they constitute 20% in Kerala..  This is the abstract of the paper presented by ceramic expert of Pattanam  .

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